Our Hospital: Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


St Andrew's Ipswich Private Hospital staff are committed individuals who strive to provide high quality outcomes to our clients and the wider community.


St Andrews is committed to continue to be the leading Health Care Provider for Ipswich and surrounding areas.

We aim to create and maintain a modern, secure and positive work environment where Doctors and Staff can deliver quality service and patient care.

We value and encourage respect and dignity for the individual, take pride in our achievements and aim to grow our business through innovation and the development of clinical services.

The Ramsay Way:

  • We are caring, progressive, enjoy our work and use a positive spirit to succeed.
  • We take pride in our achievements and actively seek new ways of doing things better.
  • We value integrity, credibility and respect for the individual.
  • We build constructive relationships to achieve positive outcomes for all.
  • We believe that success comes through recognising and encouraging the value of people and teams.
  • We aim to grow our business while maintaining sustainable levels of profitability, providing a basis for stakeholder loyalty.


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