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New Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery Now Available In Ipswich

Aug 07, 2006

A pioneering new computer-aided technology for knee replacement surgery enabling a higher level of surgical accuracy and reliability is now available in Ipswich at St Andrew’s Ipswich Private Hospital. The procedure can be less invasive and is expected to give patients better long-term knee function.

Ipswich orthopaedic surgeon Dr David Morgan said this new technology could substantially minimise the risk of patients undergoing knee revision surgery.

Total knee replacement has been one of the most important advances in orthopaedic surgery in the 21st century, allowing people to return to active lives.

Knee replacement is one of the most common major orthopaedic procedures in Australia. There are 20,000 knee replacements performed each year, the majority of which are on elderly people with arthritis.

Knee Navigation uses an infrared device and instruments to assist the surgeon in aligning the knee implant. The surgeon’s cuts into the bone can be guided to within one degree of surgical accuracy.

Dr Morgan has performed several knee replacements on patients using Knee Navigation at St Andrew’s Private Hospital recently.

“Knee Navigation is a breakthrough advance in orthopaedic surgery for aligning knee implants to the mechanical axis of the leg. We know from studies that better alignment increases the longevity of the implant,” he said. “It is also less invasive, making the operation safer.”

Current knee replacement techniques have relied on the surgeon’s skill and judgment to position mechanical guides, screws and drills, referencing the anatomy by eye. Unlike these systems, Knee Navigation produces a personalised computer-assisted image of the patient’s knee enabling a tailored operation.

”The computer provides constant and precise information that can be acted on immediately, allowing us to position implants more accurately,” said Dr Morgan.

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