St Andrew's Ipswich Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Your Stay at St Andrew's Ipswich Private Hospital

Patient room

Preferred Accommodation

Whilst every effort is made to accommodate your request, we cannot always guarantee availability on the day of admission.

Patient identification bands, allergy bands & alert bands

When you are admitted to your room, or the Day Surgery Centre, you will have an identification band attached to your wrist and/or ankle.

It is important that your arm band/s are not removed during your stay. (Please note that on occasion the band may be removed by an Anaesthetist if the arm is to be used for an intravenous drip)

Nurse call system

The Nurse Call System will be explained to you on arrival.

There is a ‘nurse call button’ located next to your bed and in the bathrooms for your convenience. Please do not hesitate to use them should you need assistance.

Emergency & safety procedures

The hospital is fitted with a fire and smoke detection system.

In the unlikely event of an emergency occurring please do not panic. Return to your room and remain in or near your bed until you are instructed to leave by a Fire Officer or member of the staff – all of whom are appropriately trained to handle such emergency situations.

Visiting times

Visiting hours are from 8am to 8pm daily. However, our Women’s & Children Health Unit & Critical Care Unit have a rest period from 1pm to 3pm -it is important for patients to have ‘quiet time’.

Should you wish to have visitors outside the visiting hours, please discuss your needs with the Nurse Unit Manager or Nurse in Charge. Please respect the needs of other patients in the hospital. Parents are asked to ensure children are kept quiet, under control and with them always.

Mobile phones

When you are admitted please ask our staff if mobiles can be used in your room. Mobiles may be used in all public areas including the coffee shop. St Andrew's Ipswich Private Hospital does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your mobile phone.


A selection of newspapers and magazines are available for purchase from the front reception desk. Magazines are also available from the onsite Ramsay Pharmacy located in the lobby.


St Andrews Catering prides itself with an innovative food service; our state-of-the-art kitchen provides quality cooked meals that are prepared on-site and cooked fresh seven days a week.

Our meal selection and extensive menu is well balanced and includes comfort food and healthy choice options. Our dietary team is there to ensure you enjoy your culinary experience whilst in the hospital. Menus are delivered to your room daily so that you can select your meals for the following day. A member of the Catering Services team will assist you with menu selection if required so please do not hesitate to ask. A light post-operative meal will be provided on the day of your operation.

If you have a special dietary requirement, please let us know. Your doctor may request a Dietician to visit you if required. We provide special children’s meals and a meal for one accompanying parent per child.


We strongly recommend that valuables are left at home. Whilst we will try to ensure that all patients possessions are safe and secure we do not provide any insurance for the loss of your items during a hospital stay.


We love patients to have flowers in their rooms so please ask a member of our staff for a vase when your family or friends bring you flowers.

We do not permit flowers in our Critical Care Unit because of Infection Control requirements.


If you need a letter posted, please ask our friendly staff for assistance (stamps are available for purchase at reception). Any mail received for you will be delivered to your room.


Chaplaincy service that is offered at St Andrew’s Ipswich Private Hospital is in cooperation with the Ipswich Hospital Chaplaincy Service.

We also offer an onsite Multi-faith Chaplaincy service.


A pharmacy service is available onsite at the hospital. Accounts for any medication or other pharmacy items will be payable on discharge.

Ramsay Pharmacy


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